PUMA (Preserve Unique Magnolia Association) is a non profit, volunteer, environmental community organization in the mountains of Boulder County, Colorado. We are dedicated to protecting Magnolia Road's unique rural qualities, unfragmented habitats, wildlife, scenic and recreational resources while creating community with our neighbors and partnership with the agencies which manage public lands in our area (e.g. U.S. Forest Service, Boulder County Parks and Open Space, Denver Water Board).

PUMA, founded in 1993, has over 100 dues-paying members as of Fall 1999. Our organization sponsors annual community events such as neighborhood cleanups, Adopt-A-Road cleanup, thistle and knapweed pulls, and community potlucks. We meet every month, issue periodic newsletters to all Magnolia residents, post periodic educational mailings on issues of concern, and host "town hall" meetings at the Magnolia firehouse.

PUMA has historically interacted in governmental planning processes on an issue-specific basis. In order to develop an organized and comprehensive framework for this effort, PUMA initiated the Magnolia Environmental Preservation Plan (MEPP) in 1997. The MEPP has engaged local residents and property owners, County, state and federal agencies in a cooperative effort to identify and plan for the future uses of Magnolia's natural, historical, recreational, cultural and scenic resources. The 250 + page plan documents these resources and provides policy recommendations for preserving them.

The MEPP Planning Area encompasses approximately 22 square miles (14,100 acres) in the mountain region west of Boulder, from Boulder Creek on the north, South Boulder Creek on the south, the Peak-to-Peak Highway on the west and Gross Reservoir on the east.

MEPP examines the following resource domains:

For specific policy recommendations for each resource domain, see the MEPP document or refer to PUMA's web site at www.peaknet.org/webpages/puma/

MEPP provides a basis for predictable, proactive interaction with regulatory agencies, interest groups, and property owners as opposed to reacting to individual land use and land management proposals. MEPP supports responsible action in both the public and private sectors of the Magnolia area and provides a plan for preservation of the natural and cultural resources that exist.

In the winter of 2000, PUMA plans to submit the MEPP to Boulder County for adoption by reference into the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan.